A Pioneer For Women 's Medicine Essay

A Pioneer For Women 's Medicine Essay

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Trotula of Salerno was a pioneer for women’s medicine, primarily in the treatment of childbirth. Trotula was an Italian female doctor who lived during the medieval time, and was one of the most famous physicians of her time. She lived in Salerno, Italy. Salerno was famous for having excellent hospitals, and being the home of the first medical school (Bellucci, 2015). Women were accepted and allowed to teach at the School of Salerno, although during this time in Europe women were denied getting an education. Trotula was an instructor at the School of Salerno, which helped the world of medicine because she was able to pass on her knowledge and techniques. Her achievements in a society dominated by males educated her contemporaries, and also advanced progressive ideas about women’s health and healthcare. Trotula was also a physician, and she was seen as the world’s first gynecologist, although this cannot be proven. Trotula was a pioneer in women’s medicine, she taught male doctors about the female body, as they knew very little about it. Trotula specialized in gynecology, obstetrics, cosmetology, and skin disease (Bellucci, 2015). Trotula was not the only member of her family involved in medicine, her husband and sons were also doctors at the School of Salerno (Trotula, 2016). This paper will highlight some of the key features of Trotula’s childbirth techniques and ideas.

Trotula’s focus, and what she is remembered by, is her work for women’s medicine. More specifically, she made huge strides in the way that childbirth was treated. Her goal was to alleviate the suffering of women, which led to her focus on childbirth. She really felt that women have special medical needs that can only be investigated and treated by another woman. A...

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...e used today. She trained her students to observe their patients, ask them thorough questions, and exam them well in order to diagnose and prescribe the proper treatment (Bellucci, 2015). She taught her students to actually listen to their patients, and to question specifically about their ailments. She believed that people should eat a balanced, exercise regularly, and live a low stress lifestyle. Trotula also recommended herbal remedies, bath soaks, and rest for healing. Her work was used for centuries, and will continue to be used for centuries to come. Caesarian sections are still frequently performed, rest, a balanced diet, and exercise are still recommended for good health, and women’s medicine is still being furthered thanks to this pioneer of a woman. After her death, doctors in the medieval world heavily relied on her medical works to treat female patients.

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