A Perspective on Organizational Changes Essay

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A Perspective on Organizational Changes
An organization goes through many barriers when implementing changes to restructure the daily routines when the foundation is surrounded by a person in charge changing on a recurring basis. Let's take a look at a variety of levels a company endure when making changes to shaping and anticipating the future of an organization. The company will need to assess their weaknesses and strengths to possibly move into opportunities to improve the mission and goals while an organization goes through changes. The next level is to define the mission with expectations by attempting to create a strategic plan to put into action when making changes in an organization. And then, the company move into implementing the plan to reorganize the goals to substantially fulfill or work toward productivity, customer service, effectiveness, and the quality of work of a specific organization. Finally, the last stage is working toward changing the process. It will best to take small steps into getting employees accumulated to changes in order for it to focus on the less important changes to existing and future work processes. Ultimately, the goal must be measureable to determine if the changes will be useful or counterproductive and the best way to test the method is through a plan or strategies because they look at the how, which is very similar to the goal and evaluate what will transpire in the course of each level. The goals are sought by taking advantage of the moment in time before the opportunity passes by. Also, can the goal be attainable, realistic, a step by step action and come to the conclusion of observable results that can be accomplished through the many changes an organi...

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