A Perspective On Immigration And Discrimination Essay

A Perspective On Immigration And Discrimination Essay

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In a world filled with multiple cultural identities and differences, little is known as to why a survey of racial citizens discriminate against those of immigrant backgrounds. For instance, when an immigrant leave his/her native land to establish permanent residency abroad. As this individual begins to familiarize him/herself with this new country, a number of people who religiously consume this place, are not as open to familiarizing themselves with this person with unchained difference. As this somehow forces this individual into a category, prone to discrimination as mentioned in the earlier paragraph, very little is known as to why this is the case. What is known, however, is the many commonalities that continue to transpire through synchronized immigrant experiences.
Moreover, the purpose of this essay, is to provide you with a three dimensional perspective on immigration and discrimination. When it comes to this subject as a whole, it is essential that we take a deeper look through the lens of the immigrant, his/her immediate family member and the individual promoting immigration discrimination. It is essentially necessary in understanding the reason immigrants are usually frowned upon, as if gives way to a better understanding of one’s self-identification.
Before we move further into the ideology of self-identification however, let’s take a closer look into the meaning of immigration and discrimination. As defined in Webster’s dictionary, immigration is described as the act of coming to live permanently in a foreign country.
While using the same source to define discrimination, it is described as the act, practice or an instance of discriminating categorically rather than individually. Now,...

... middle of paper ...

...identity in which we all are effortlessly relating to, is not one that proclaims thy self, but all. Earlier, we have all agreed that this country is a melting pot full of cultural identities. So with respect to continuous acculturation, we can all agree that we have all taken on many forms of various identities, due to prolonged interactions. Moreover, there is a substantial amount of possibility to truly grasp our self-identity, more or less for those of immigrant backgrounds. However, it is incredibly challenging for those who are unable to connect with an indigenous background. For ex; African-Americans. There is no true self-identity amongst this group of people of common ground, simply because they are unable to truthfully trace the root of their fore-parents. Unfortunately, these roots were torn away from their natural understanding, during the time of slavery.

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