Essay about A Personal Trip to Mexico and The Mexican Revolution

Essay about A Personal Trip to Mexico and The Mexican Revolution

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The Mexican Revolution was an attempt to overthrow a dictatorial tyrant, Porfirio Diaz that ruled the country of Mexico for decades. His autonomic attitude and self-centered beliefs eventually angered the people, although he successfully tried and failed to bring to life prosperity to the country as well as strengthen the ties with the United States.
As I travel through the country of Mexico battered by hardships and misery, I take notes, write down what I observe over the course of my journey, and interview the people of the run downed country, obtaining a first hand glimpse of a life under complete control. Like a fly on the wall, my eyewitness accounts prove evidence of turmoil within Mexico in which the people face adversity to over throw the government and demand equality as a nation. With my eyes and notebook of seventy pages, I travel through time as it happens chronologically writing down events important to headlines around the world. I am a reporter walking through Mexico. I am unaware of all the corruption and chaos that has evolved and transformed this country. Confused, I go on an adventure to seek for answers and while on my journey I piece together why the people are disconnected with each other through my progression.
It all began on November 20, 1910 in a country succeeded by weakness and broken promises. The long rule of Porfirio Diaz, who is a Mexican soldier and politician who rose up the ranks in power and eventually brought about many disagreements among the Mexican people who were powerless to opinionate themselves or even become involved in government affairs such as voting.
It is eight in the morning. It’s a clear winter morning in Ciudad Juarez. There is not a single strip of smog running across the M...

... middle of paper ...

...g to regulate working wages and hours and allow the right of the people to strike and form unions. Carranza was also going to claim back all of the land and resources that was Mexico’s. With all these goals set forth, unfortunately Wilson has told me that due to the economic crisis the Mexican people are facing, the blockade is set as nothing can be done.
Four years later…
I have learned that Carranza was deposed and later killed when he prevented his next line to power Alvaro Obregon from becoming president. Mr. Obregon eventually came to power by reports and The Revolution in Mexico finally ended in 1920. All of the fighting, the bloodshed, the bloody war, the assassination’s, battles, and massacres ceased. The revolution of poor peasants against a firm wealthy class, and the events of the Mexican Revolution has altered the way Mexican politics are justified.

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