A Personal Theory Based Model Of School Essay

A Personal Theory Based Model Of School Essay

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The following information was gathered during an interview with Dr. Clayton Mork from the Crescent School District. Dr. Mork shared information about his leadership style and characteristics as an administrator. This discussion assisted me in the development of a personal theory-based model of school leadership.
Leadership Style of Administrator
Seyfarth reports the conditions which produce engaging, effective work environments generally have the following essential qualities. First condition is an administrator that provides supportive leadership. Second condition is an administrator that allows collaboration within the work environment. Another condition is an administrator that displays respect for each person as individuals. An additional condition is an administrator that allows people to access and use their skills and be open to receive (and give) honest feedback. Lastly, the condition that Seyfarth reports as an essential quality for administrators is for the administrator to have the necessary resources to complete their job.
When reviewing these items and considering the leadership that Dr. Mork has provided Crescent School District, many similarities are noted in each of the conditions. Examples of these leadership similarities are included in the following statements. Dr. Mork allows for any person to enter into his office to discuss concerns and ideas. Dr. Mork continuously states he has an open door policy. He welcomes all stakeholders into his office or holds conversations over the telephone. Dr. Mork has been observed to be teaching in classrooms when a staff member has had to leave campus suddenly or a guest teacher does not appear as scheduled. When a staff member is not certain how to complete a t...

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... Dr. Mork mentioned he did not want to stress his staff out by setting strict parameters on TPEP completion. In order to help teachers to feel comfortable with the program, Dr. Mork allowed teachers to learn the program at their pace and gently guide them to the finish line.
I also learned through my conversation with Dr. Mork that being a directive leader takes a lot of time and energy from an administrator. Although I am able to be directive if I need to, I know that my personality is more of a supportive leader. I want to be able to allow people to feel supported and appreciated.
Lastly, I learned that even though Dr. Mork comes across as overly laid back, he is able to flex his style. I believe being flexible is going to be the key to success in my administrator career. I tend to a bit to rigid in certain circumstances and will need to let loose a bit.

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