Essay on A Personal Statement On My Life

Essay on A Personal Statement On My Life

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I was born and brought up in New Delhi, the National Capital territory of India, in a home led by traditional working class parents who believe in humility, hard work, and are thankful to God for all his blessings. The turning point in my life came when I met one of my relatives who was a renowned and successful medical practitioner in India. With him, I got an opportunity to visit several rural areas in India where we collaboratively counseled people about health and distributed free medications to needy ones. At that time, I was really touched by the respect people gave to the doctors. Above all, the feeling of helping those who are in need, offering hope and bringing joy to patients and their families, was something, which I will never be able to express in words. This motivated me to become a knowledgeable and caring doctor so that I can offer my life to serve the humanity. To achieve this goal, I worked hard and secured a position at the prestigious, Vardhman Mahavir Medical College and Safdarjung Hospital in New Delhi, India.
Concurrently, while I was busy pursuing my medical career and understanding the nuances of the medical field, my maternal grandmother got diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. This incident further strengthened my interest in the field of medicine and additionally motivated me to develop a keen inclination towards Neurological studies. Thus, I started delving deep in understanding the theories and treatment modalities of medicine that could cure the patients of Parkinson’s disease. Due to my complete involvement in the mangement process of my grandmother, I become more curious towards the complex and intrigue neural system in the human body. I decided that I would practice Neurology for the rest of my...

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...eld of Neurology through their remarkable experience and expertise and can act as mentor to the young medical students who bring with them a plethora of positive energy and vibrancy in the entire academic eco-system. During my training, I have realized that an ideal doctor maintains a strong doctor-patient relationship and practices,patient centered medicine; is proficient in the art of history taking and physical examination; is knowledgeable and is eager to learn more. I have worked hard to meet these expectations for myself and I believe that these attributes that I embody are vital to succeed in the field of neurology..
My continual endurance, dedication and ability to accept challenges allowed me to succeed as a resident in India. I hope to have the opportunity to demonstrate my assets and devotion in becoming an excellent physician in your training program.

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