A Personal Statement On Gun Control Essay

A Personal Statement On Gun Control Essay

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As both of us plateaued in our physical development, our training routine morphed away from a singular focus on building raw strength and agility. Although the physical workouts continued, our emphasis turned toward sharpening weapons skills. Weapons are my forte. I love the utility of a sabre, I 'm fair with archery, I thought, and as for guns, let 's just say I 'm in favor of them. Guns are equalizers. Gun Control means having one in your hand when needed and hitting the intended target if necessary.
I 'm not a weak person, but I 'm compact. I refuse to be a victim, whether the threat 's a predatory animal, or a predatory human. Weapons aren 't dangerous, predators are. I 'm armed whenever possible, even when others might object.
That 's what I love about being a MiB. Having a badge means no one else 's opinion much matters. My hand canon is visible for a reason. It 's reassuring how polite and peaceable people become when they spot Ol Betsy.
Concealed carry my ass!
If you spot a gun on my hip, know there will be at least two unseen weapons. When there 's no gun visible on my hip, it could be a serious mistake to imagine I 'm unarmed. When I can 't carry a gun, I carry a knife. When I can 't carry either, I still have my training. I will turn anything into a weapon. You do not wish to learn what I can do with a simple rolled up newspaper if I must.
I will not go quietly!
Humans are tool-using beings. Until humans develop comic-book “powers of the mind”, that 's not about to change. Psychokinesis and telepathy are the stuff of fantasy. Until we develop mental powers that transcend our physical abilities, tools are the means to extend our reach. You cannot fight off a mugger or rapist using telepathy.
Weapons are the tools of self...

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... a sort of parallel universe, a flawed mirror of our own.
“Our chemists have been trying to create an explosive that will enable guns to function there. It has taken years, now success is at hand, and now you and I will test the prototypes. We can 't test them here. Their behavior is too different in this world than there.”
“You 're saying that the weapons we 're depending on may not even fire? And they can 't test them here?” She nodded at my question.
“They may not fire, they may fizzle, or they may explode.”
“We have done extensive computer modeling and simulation. There were a couple of early proof of concept tests before Petchy left. Ours will be the first full-scale live fire test of the experimental explosive. It 's too unstable in this world to test here.” With that she shrugged.
Terrific! Rampaging dinosaurs and untested weapons. What could possibly go wrong?

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