A Personal Reflection on Who I Am Today and Why Essay examples

A Personal Reflection on Who I Am Today and Why Essay examples

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Who am I? I am a woman; a well-educated African-American woman. I am a graduate of Temple University with a B.B.A in Legal Studies and a minor in Entrepreneurship. Who Am I? I am a first generation college student and the first in my family with the desire to attend law school. I am a woman who overcame many challenges in life and I am the same woman who chose not to let the hardships define who I am. After encountering several personal and academic experiences, I was guided towards a newly profound answer to the question, “Who Am I?” I am now a woman with goals of pursuing a career in the legal field and desire to establish my own firm. I was not born as this woman; I was groomed into the woman that I am today.
My desire to study law was not rooted from childhood fantasies, pretending to be a hot shot lawyer in a courtroom as seen on “Law and Order.” I have/had never envisioned myself standing in a court room as a defender of one’s life or as a prosecutor with the power to deprive a person of his/her future. My aspiration for law stemmed from academic and personal experiences that took place while attending Temple University. The hardship I overcame during my time at Temple University aided me through my college career and led me to the exciting world of law. After completing my degree in Legal Studies, I knew law school was where I wanted to go and becoming a lawyer was who I wanted to be.
I can remember the event as if it occurred yesterday. I received a call from my mother as I exited my Lsat prep class held at the University of Pennsylvania. “Your father was in an accident and is now at Einstein Hospital.” Words could not explain the pain I felt, the worriedness that burdened me and the trouble I expressed. In a hurry, I...

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...as adversities but more so as pieces of a compass that gave direction and order to my life. I am a woman who took an event that occurred in life, allowed it to guide me through my college career and is currently leading me towards law school.

Notes: I want to show that I am a woman that can take adversities in life and not allow them to stop me from pursuing life but instead allow them to guide me towards a better future. Going to law school will allow me to gain the necessary knowledge and wisdom I need in order those like my father. Being able to take what I had learn at Temple University and apply it to real world experiences fascinated me and will help me when I began law school. I do believe I have what it takes, mentally, physically and emotionally to survive law school and this is shown through what I have already overcome in my twenty-two years of living.

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