A Personal Experience Of Business Simulation Essay examples

A Personal Experience Of Business Simulation Essay examples

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I am not going to lie this class was my hardest it felt like I didn’t know what was going on at all time. It not like I wasn’t learning anything in there is just that I didn’t really get the class at all. Every time went on Capsim to do work I never get anything do because I didn’t know what I was doing. Is not like I didn’t like the class the class I just us doing the Capsim online was hard for some people because they didn’t know what to do. Next semester I think the class should be thought like microeconomic because more people we will it better. Another idea I was thinking was we could do a field trip to some business meetings even though I know students in college don’t do feel trip. The feel trip will give us an ideal of what a real business is like and it will also make sure think.
A personal experience that business simulation reminded me of is how to take good care of your company and how to make a better business choice so that your company can go a long way. It just hard for me to think of a personal experience that reminded me of business simulation because in that class I was lost on half of the stuff I was doing. I wouldn’t say I didn’t learned a lot, but it just feel like I didn’t because every time I went on capsim I didn’t know what to do and when I asked one of my classmate they didn’t know what to do either. But for sure the modules lesson I did on capsim did help me understand the meaning of business and what you need to do to be a great businessman. An experience is when my boss that I used to work with at the airport told me said if you want to be a success businessman you need to be careful how you spent your money and what you spend it on because something the things you buy you think you need it, but...

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...see what I can learn from you. Also I want to go on some business conference if they even have those just to meet some great business people and ask them how it feel like to have your own business. If I can learn those things next semester I feel like I can have my own business. It was a great semester being in this class I truly took a lot from it and you being our teacher made it easier you made sure we learned with we needed to know before we step into the real world. Another cool thing about the class this semester was you made sure we had a good time and also learning at the same time. I really like that a lot because the school I came from I didn’t have that at all teachers were just making jokes but they won’t teaching us as student what we needed to learn. I can’t wait to be in your class next semester and learn more thing about how to be a great businessman.

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