Essay about A Personal Ethnographic Report on Halloween

Essay about A Personal Ethnographic Report on Halloween

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When I learned that I would have to do my ethnographic report on what I did during Halloween, I was worried because I live in Turnpike and the most excitement that happens in turnpike is the sound of the garbage truck when it comes to pick up the Wednesday trash. Fortunately something did happen to me and I realized I would not have to write a boring paper of how I woke up and just stayed in my room the whole day. Well the day started off with me waking up and walking to the bathroom to take a shower, as soon as the turned the water on I realized I had left my shower and rather than turning off my shower I stayed in because the warmth of the hot water was too seductive for me to get out and get my towel. In the shower I had my usual thoughts about life, death, and comebacks to old arguments. Afterword I got out of my shower and reached for my toothbrush, which was located in a cupboard behind the toilet, but I grabbed at it too quickly and it fell in the toilet. I stood over my toilet for about five minutes just staring at my toothbrush in the toilet not believing what just happened, after that I started blaming myself for being too impatient. When I was done feeling sorry for myself I went into my room in search of another toothbrush but unluckily I couldn’t find one, so I had to go walk to the local store at around 7:30 in search of a toothbrush. While searching for a replacement toothbrush I realized that not that many people were in the store, I had always thought that stores were busiest in the morning and evening but apparently that’s not true. Once I got my new toothbrush I finished brushing, got dressed and went to catch the 11 to the Transit Center.
In the bus I realized something interesting, people chose to stand up r...

... middle of paper ...

...ince Halloween is an American tradition. After think about it for several minutes, I ended up being disappointed at my classmates who had spent all their life in American and didn’t dress up, they were beaten in a tradition that the international student had barely experienced. After that it was time for my classed so I hurried to Japanese 101 and stayed there for 3 hours learning Japanese then I went to the west side of the campus and attend my Intro to Social Research class and finally after that I took the 11 back home and fell asleep.’
I learned a lot thing during Halloween but I must say the most interesting to me was the bus incident. It might have been because I had never really ridden on a bus before I got to Santa Barbara and I found the whole thing to be strange but it might have been normal for the people who have lived in Santa Barbara for a long time

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