A Person Centered Transition Nursing Assessment Essay

A Person Centered Transition Nursing Assessment Essay

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This essay will explore John’s background history and will use this history to inform the present situation of John. It will also consider what John might experience in transition. This essay will suggest a person-centred transition nursing assessment to meet John’s needs now and in the future as John’s Alzheimer’s progress to a terminal stage. Emerson and Baines (2010) suggest that people with learning disability do have more health problems than the other disabled people and the general population. Furthermore, people with a learning disability are more likely to die younger than the general population and die prematurely (Heslop et al., 2013) and they are more likely to be living with elderly parents and carers (Walker &Ward, 2013). However, the life expectancy is increasing (Walker & Ward, 2013) because of the advance in healthcare system and the support from government. This implies that the social care may have more elderly people in the future with learning disability. This would require more specialist care. Similarly, Hollins et al. (1998) suggest that the people with a learning disability are 58 times more likely to die before the age 50 and 4 time more likely than the rest of the population.
About John
John has a mild learning disability and he is 73 years old. Therefore, John would have experienced impaired social functions and significantly reduced ability to understand new or complex information. Fearns et al. (2014) described learning disability as having impaired intelligence and impaired social functioning which must be diagnosed before adulthood. This condition has a lasting effect on their development. The World Health Organisation (WHO, 2016) defines an older person as a person with age 65 years old and ov...

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...de the end of life palliative care for John. The learning disability nurses would collaborate with other professionals such the care home manager, support staff, psychiatrists, occupational therapist and psychologist and John’s family to meet John’s needs. The learning disability nurse would advocate for John (NMC, 2015) and support John with his financial matters, monitors Johns medication, and support staff by providing training on how to support John.
The psychological needs of John would need to be met by reassuring John that he would not be moved again and John would require emotional support in terms of the loss of his parents and his friends. A memory book could be done with John so that he could reconnect with his past this may help John to remember some of his good memories. This may be through the use of drama and role play and talking therapy (RCN, 2013).

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