A Perfect World Is No Violence, Discrimination Or Hate Towards Any Type Of People

A Perfect World Is No Violence, Discrimination Or Hate Towards Any Type Of People

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In a perfect world there would be no violence ,discrimination, economic inequallity or hate towards any type of people. In the modern world a Utopia is commonly expressed as one with balance in social, economic and political aspects. In a perfect world there would be no violence ,discrimination or hate towards any type of people. Assistance would be given to those in need. The economy would be in great shape there would be no poor nor rich everyone would be equal. This type of utopia will be slightly communist as it shares the wealth with its people. A perfect world would have a population of people in great stride and happiness. A perfect world would have living in peace in harmony no matter the color on your skin.

In order to create a perfect world we must get rid of our selfish desires. bragging, gossiping would have to go. Living in fancy luxurious houses while others lived in poor conditions would be unacceptable. If people do not get rid of their selfish desires then there will be arguments and war. In the sermon a City Upon A Hill by John Winthrop the pilgrims aboard the Arbella were given a speech of their perfect world and how it would be a model of Christian charity, one where god himself would side with. (Winthrop) discussed that in order to accomplish a perfect world people need to give up their selfish desires as “We must be willing to abridge ourselves of our superfluities“.

Politically this perfect world would be fair in equal. This government would be fair to its people and not try to tax the people so harshly that they would be poor. This was one of the reasons Sir Thomas More, a political advisor in the 16th century to King Henry the Eighth wrote his famous novel Utopia. (More) expressed how a perfect worl...

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...world. As some people may say that it is impossible for humans to live in a perfect society, us as humans have flaws and differences and we are prone to war and fights and criticism of of other peoples differences. Some people will say that there is no way to create a perfect world, that us humans are doomed to our own demise. However There has been great change in history. Blacks can vote, Samesex marrige is legal in almost every state. If we as humans can change yourself at this rate we can be able to come together and build a utopia.

A utopia will not have any discrimination or violence because it goes against what a utopia is all about. A utopia will be a perfect place for all of mankind to strive in. Surely there may be caveats like religion and undeniable differences but its what us as a society needs in order to turn todays dystopian world into a utopian one.

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