A Perfect Sized Open Plan Apartment Essay

A Perfect Sized Open Plan Apartment Essay

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‘Well, here’s my apartment,’ Claire said flicking on lights, to reveal a decent sized open plan apartment. Most of the colour scheme was creams and whites, with a few dark furnishings. However, he could admit the one deep red wall surprised Owen in the best kind of way.
Surveying the room he gave a noncommittal ‘Nice.’ Pursing her lips, she clearly didn’t buy his bullshit. With a sigh he followed up, ‘It’s a little impersonal,’
‘It’s clean and organised. I know these are two unfamiliar concepts to you,’ she said, laying her purse down on side.
‘It’s just my house is homely,’ he started. ‘You know pictures of family and friends, some souvenirs,’
‘Empty beer bottles are not souvenirs, and the velociraptors are not your friends,’ she replied, kicking off her shoes and placing them delicately on a shoe rack. Owen considered the fact he had never seen her not in a pair of heels before. She’d probably survive the apocalypse in them.
‘Of course not, they’re family.’ This just warranted an eye roll.
‘Look, do you want to stay here or not?’ she asked cocking her head.
‘You were the one that wanted me to stay!’
‘Because you would die out there!’
‘So, you do care about me,’ he said mockingly, holding his hand up to his chest. ‘I didn’t know you felt this way about me,’
‘Don’t be too touched. It would be bad press if you died,’ she replied with a smile. It was a teasing smile. One where a corner of her mouth goes slightly higher up, and one eye crinkles just a little bit. It was a smile he didn’t see often enough. And just like that it was gone.
Her eyes flicked over him. ‘You need some clothes, I think I have something,’ she said leaving the room.
‘I don’t think I’m your size,’ he called out taking this opportunity to be nosier. He found not...

... middle of paper ...

...king a gulp of her red wine. He quickly grabbed the clothes, and slipped back into the bathroom. He threw on the clothes that looked liked they fit the best. It was Harvard T-shirt, and some plaid pyjama pants. While he wasn’t surprised her ex went to Harvard, he was surprised she’d ever date somebody who wore plaid.
Going back out the bathroom he decided his plan was to act like it never happened and if that failed, make jokes about it. So, pretty much his general life plan.
‘I have salad if want anything to eat,’ Claire said, clearing choosing the ignore option too.
‘Does salad count as eating?’ he asked, moving over to the kitchen.
‘Yes, it’s considered quite healthy actually,’
‘Got any beer?’ he asked, already knowing the answer.
‘I have red wine.’ Usually he would have said no, but he thought any alcohol would help him with this situation, so he nodded his head.

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