Essay A Peace Of Mind : The Human Soul

Essay A Peace Of Mind : The Human Soul

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Tranquility, and serenity can only exist if an individual allows those aspects to. A peace of mind, and acceptance is required for human metamorphosis. We are ceaselessly drowning in the sea of oblivion, anchored by our heartfelt beliefs, and buoyancies. The universe, the human soul, and nature unifies as one to work in harmony, balancing one another for a greater cause. Individuals seek answers, and explanations to what we consider to be our greatest enigma—the meaning of life. Nature without a doubt influences our every thought, being, and overall ideas. It affects our mood, illustrates the beauty of rebirth, and enables us to survive. The human spirit thrives on Mother Nature, absorbing all it has to offer, from the illuminating sun rays, the fresh, crisp breeze, to the aesthetic pleasure it brings. Nature paved a way for the philosophies of Transcendentalism, and classifies as one of the Earth’s most prominent components.
The overall concept of Transcendentalism may emerge as unconvincing, and rather abstract. However, upon such further readings and thorough analysis, most individuals may come to find that the ideas, although originally appear abstruse, are in actuality, works of pure radiance. Transcendentalists Emerson, and Thoreau searched into the unfathomable elements of their hearts, minds, and souls to the find the teachings, and ways of life. We are the center of the universe, although not in egotistic manner. Everything is stitched together as one massive garment, and the thread is composed of Transcendentalism.
Within a twenty-four hour day span, one has an endless amount of errands, academic work, and other miscellaneous activities to achieve before he, or she can rest, and look forward to the next day. Indivi...

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...ndividuals to reevaluate their actuality , and opens a door to new ways of possibilities. To be a well rounded scholar and individual one must practice the ideology of Transcendentalism.
Transcendentalism classifies as an influential concept which should be acknowledged by countless generations, for the points encompassed in Transcendentalism are more vital today now more than ever. Transcendentalists, Thoreau and Emerson has shaped and transformed society with the spiritual beliefs of nature, individualism, and the truth of a greater cause. As individuals, we should strive to follow these ideas to live a happier, and unsophisticated lifestyle. We are chained, and bound to the universe as an entity. Selfless acts, and a spiritual cleanse does wonders to the human soul, and mind. Still we seek for answers as we ascend into the infinite, celestial stars of the night.

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