A Patriarchal Society, A Modern Day Rendition Of Medieval Society Essay

A Patriarchal Society, A Modern Day Rendition Of Medieval Society Essay

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in a patriarchal society, women lie at the bottom of the social hierarchy. A patriarchy judges women for their beauty and innocence rather than merit and intelligence. Throughout the twenty-four books of The Odyssey as well as Game of Thrones, a modern day rendition of medieval society written by George. R. R. Martin, women struggle for power in society. In these societies, in order to be accepted and respected, women need to submit to society.
Most of the women in these two plots are mothers and seductresses. In the Odyssey, Penelope plays the role of the mother, innocent to all and caring, on the other hand, the Ithacan maids, unloyal to to Odysseus, play the non loyal servants. Circe: the goddess of magic is the seductress. Convincing unsuspecting men into her household, only to experience physical transformations. In Game of Thrones, Cersei Lannister, the oldest daughter of Tywin Lannister, represents the mother figure; sincere and lovely, while at the same time sinister. The seductress in this book is Shae, A physical embodiment of sex: young, witty, and even her name “Shae” rolls off the tongue, insinuating something withheld and sexy.
The goal of men is to be powerful. To achieve this they need complete control of all elements of life around them, especially women. Men do not just want to control their women; they want to guide their movements, influence their thoughts. These ideals are only functional when the woman is submissive. Usually these women happen to be mothers which is why they are so well respected in society. Sadly these women become infused with the shadow of their husbands, but this is the only way to gain respect and prestige. Penelope, wife of Odysseus is the paradigm woman. After the Trojan war, there ...

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...nor respectable, In Tyrion’s rage he killed her by strangling her with her own necklace. Thus showing that in order to be respected, and even live, women need to be completely honest and loyal to their male counterparts.
Ultimately, In both of these societies women are looked down upon. Even though a woman might be intelligent or kind it is irrelevant, they will continuously be judged for their treatment of men and how attractive they are. It is a shame that these ideals are still prevalent in present day. In some traditionally dominated cultures women are still mistreated due to religious extremists. However horrific this may sound, it is important that people are aware and that together as one, we can try to create equality for all genders. Furthermore, In both Game of Thrones and the Odyssey in order to be a respected women, a woman must be submissive and loyal.

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