A Patient For A Doctor 's Visit Essay

A Patient For A Doctor 's Visit Essay

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So one is going about your business, doing your normal routine and it’s time for a doctor’s visit. You go in there, the doctor performs his regular examine and sends you home. The next phone call you get from your doctor is a tragic one. They have just diagnosed you with a disease that has a low survival rate. And so begins the medical treatments. These treatments could last weeks, months, or years, during which you will face some of the most difficult choices. Some of our family members or friends have heard these words before and unfortunately doctors can only do so much to help, and the cost of treatments are on the rise. According to the NY Times, you could be paying up to a million dollars in one year just to pay for treatments, drugs, inpatient and outpatient care. Most of us cannot pay for that and insurance companies can only cover so much of the hospital bill. So what options are out there? You are a terminally ill patient drowning in debt and unable to pay the bills. But, you have a choice to stop the treatments that have no significant effect on you, or do y...

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