A Passion is Worth Risking One's Life Essay

A Passion is Worth Risking One's Life Essay

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People risk their life for something they are passionate about: it can be their job, another person, even an animal. The Challenger space shuttle crew was passionate about what they did and they knew the risks about being in the shuttle and the worst happened to them. Steve Irwin was passionate about animals (mostly predators) and showing them to people. The most unfortunate thing happened to him also as he was stung in the heart by a stingray causing him to pass away. Other people like Will and Halt in the book The Ranger’s Apprentice, risk their lives on multiple occasions. They do so for their country and for doing what they are passionate about, being Rangers and defending their country for the good of the people who live in it. So, is something you are passionate about worth risking your life for?
People take risks all the time, some for imbecilic things, to impress someone, to help someone in need, or rescue someone from a burning building for example. Some of these people do it because it is their passion and their love. The members of the Challenger shuttle crew knew that ...

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