Essay on A Participatory Action Research Strategy

Essay on A Participatory Action Research Strategy

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Photovoice Paper

From reading, Photovoice A Participatory Action Research Strategy Applied to Women’s Health by Wang 1998, I learned that this was a study that was suppose to try and bring about change for people (women in Chinese Villages) that were mistreated, misrepresented, and had poor or inadequate health at their workplace/ in their communities. They used this photovoice concept as a way to bring about attention to their mistreatment in their communities. When I read the article the first time I thought it was just for women and couldn’t picture how it relates to me or to my classroom. But the true idea is to use your voice through pictures to bring awareness to a situation that you somehow may not have been able to just get your point across through speaking . From the article I took out the 3 key goals of photovoice. Goal one is to record and reflect the subjects’ personal and community strengths and concerns. Goal two is to promote critical dialogue and knowledge about personal and community issues through photographs. While goal three is to reach policymakers(Journal of Women’s Health). My definition is this, Photovoice is another way that you can bring attention to a cause that’s deemed important to you and your community through the use of photography as your speaking point to try and bring about change. How does this relate to literacy you may ask, this concept of photovoice is just another way to show that true literacy doesn’t have to be about reading as we know it. Literacy is just the way we communicate our ideas to one another. As in the case of young kids that start off communicating with a picture book to learn as well as same for the earlier years when they first communicated through the use...

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...rch, something of importance and literature all in one that’s a win win.

I see myself taking this concept back to my school and sharing with my colleagues as well as some of my students. If the students are in need of an idea of something to do to make awareness of a certain issue that they feel strongly about I will introduce them to Photovoice.

In closing Photovoice is a great tool to communicate an injustice or a strong concern through the use of pictures. Literature as we now know it can come in any form that will communicate your ideas or thought to others. Literature can be in written form, as pictures as we just witnessed, in movement, and in words, spoken or unspoken.
As for the use of photovoice in my math classroom I’m still not seeing how I can incorporate it as yet to be meaningful, but it is one more thing in my backpack that I will hold onto.

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