A Parent Of A Twenty Year Old Child Essay

A Parent Of A Twenty Year Old Child Essay

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Imagine being a parent of a fourteen year old child named Christopher P. Henry, at Yorkensville Middle School , reporters says he allegedly grabbed a 12 year-old girl 's shirt near her stomach and kissed her last week (as part of a dare) from a group of his friends , but it had less than lighthearted consequences. The 8th-grader was charged as a juvenile with second-degree assault before being released to his mother. “Fourteen states have no minimum age for trying children as adults. Children as young as eight have been prosecuted at 10, 12, or 13.”(www.eji.org/childrenprison).
When a juvenile is tried as an adult they go to an adult prison (of course), but on certain occasions is when it is perfectly fine to be tried as an adult. “Gina Savini, an assistant state’s attorney who prosecute cases in Cook Country’s Juvenile court.” If they are old enough to pick up a gun and shoot it they are old enough to take responsibility for their actions.” (www.eji.org/childrenprison). If a juvenile is old enough to pick up a gun and point it at somebody and fire the gun then they are old enough to go to an adult prison, but in my opinion when they are tired as an adult they should be isolated from all of the “older men” in the prison and be with their age group if they’re more juveniles, or start off as going to a juvenile prison and get transferred to the adult prison when he or she become 18 years old. “In Alabama, children as young as 14 can be charged and convicted as adults for any alleged offense. Neighboring Florida sends more children into adult’s criminal court-and into adult prisons-than any other state.” (www.eji.org./childrenprison).
Being a young child in prison can really take a toll on some people. Some kids aren...

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...duce the population of mentally ill inmates in solitary, in part by increasing the number of RMHU beds. And considering the alternatives, it was probably the best placement available to Adam Hall within the prison system.
But Adam Hall remained unstable and suicidal, and in 2011 he attempted to kill himself the same way he had when he was five: he set fire to his RMHU cell.”(http://solitarywatch.com/2012/05/14/criminalizing-mental-illness-the-story-of-adam-hall/).

In conclusion, I do not agree with juveniles being tried as adults, they are not mentally, socially, and or physically ready to be in a prison with adults. Now I do agree if they are old enough to do the crime they are old enough to do the time, but when they do go to prison they should be isolated from all of the grown adults , and be put with their age group. Juveniles should not be tried as adults.

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