Essay on A Old South Asian Woman With A History Of High Blood Pressure

Essay on A Old South Asian Woman With A History Of High Blood Pressure

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Mrs. E is a 70years old South Asian woman with a history of high blood pressure. She has been taking Aldomet 250mg thrice a day. Her blood pressure ranges between 140/90 and 150/95. Mrs. E has had high blood pressure since she was 40 years. Mrs. E sees her Doctor once a month for checkup. Mrs. E lives alone. She smokes tobacco. Her 70years old husband died 2years ago. Her only daughter is married and lives in USA. Her 90years old father died of coronary heart disease 5years ago and her mother died of Aneurysm at 60 years. She has low levels of daily activity and weighs 68kg, height 1.6m, Body Mass Index of 26.6. She is slightly overweight.
Mrs. E reports that she used to jogged in the morning but she stopped because she gets tired easily (she said “It feels like my heart wants to jump out of my chest”). She said it is due to old age. A diet history reveals that Mrs. E likes fried food and salty food. For breakfast, she eats sausage, toast and fried eggs five times a week. For lunch, she usually eats a burger and large fries at Macdonald. She orders pizza for supper. She said she likes to add table salt to her meals because she likes salty food. She said she does not know her cholesterol level.
The nursing diagnosis is Ineffective health Maintenance related to poor dietary habits, lack of regular exercise, smoking and lack of information about lifestyle factors that increases the risk of hypertension and it’s complications as evidence by insufficient physical activities, smoking, high salt diet, and family history of cardiovascular disease.
The purpose of this paper is to identify three community resources that can help Mrs. E improve the nursing diagnosis stated above. The three community resources will be ex...

... middle of paper ... available to those older persons that need them, but are also quite affordable in terms of costs. Under Carefor services, the meal program can deliver healthy and nutritious meals to Mrs. E in her house. This will help her reduce fat and salt content. The dietitian will advise her on how to make healthier food choices and this will also lessen her fat and salt intake. Mrs. E will also benefit from the Mental Health and Addictions program because it has a stop smoking workshop. She can attend these workshops and get all the support that her needs to help her quit smoking. Mrs. E will also benefit from physiotherapy because they can perform various exercises that will improve her physical well-being. These services are value- added to older persons like Mrs. E to properly and effectively manage her hypertension, smoking addiction and the slight obesity that she has.

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