A Of Earth Sea By Ursula K. Le Guin Essay

A Of Earth Sea By Ursula K. Le Guin Essay

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A wizard of Earth Sea is a fiction novel written by an author named Ursula K. Le Guin born in 1929 managed to publish her first fiction novel in 1968 whereby she takes a young boy who seems to be named Dunny by his mother whom he lost at a very young age then to be called Ged known as Sparrow hawk as for always seen with birds around him, that will one day become one of the greatest and most powerful wizards people will know of. This book mainly talks about the experiences this young boy will face in his teens including all the troubles he will have to solve and how he reacts and behaves along with those experiences, then starts to talk about how he becomes and how much he starts to learn when growing up. Le guins aim from this book is not only to tell the story of this young boy and how much he matures but she in fact through this fiction novel shows how young adults in real life can learn and benefit from this young boys story and experiences. As for the book its self-it’s not only for young adults as it can also be read by other ages such as children even if a bit complicated to understand but can in fact be a beneficial lesson for the reader in the future.
The book starts with how Dunny was first taught by his care taker who was his mother’s sister that kept him safe and provided him shelter when realizing of how talented and powerful he was at a young age, as he was able to recall of what he heard only once from his aunt of spells and words he have never heard of when she was able to get some goats closer to her. She knew of dark and some other magic yet she only taught him simple magic as she herself didn’t have enough knowledge because of living in a village. Therefore this tells us that in order to learn more one must see...

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...and was too slow if even was going to teach him anything. Not only that but also the fact that he tried to recall a spirit which at the end caused the shadow to come. Only when the shadow came he started to learn to be patient and that’s how he managed to figure out the shadows name and that it’s a part of him whom seemed to be all his negative bad sides of ged himself.
In conclusion ged managed to learn from his mistakes and always think of the outcome and how it will affect him in the future and whether if it’s bad or not, ged finally came to the point of understanding that in order to accomplish something one must be patient and think wisely as magic its self isn’t a joke nor a game to be played. Now the main aim of Leguin through this novel was to show that winning or losing doesn’t matter what matters is what you learn not how fast but what you manage to learn.

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