A Nurse That Will Venture Into Today 's Care Setting Essay

A Nurse That Will Venture Into Today 's Care Setting Essay

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A nurse that will venture into today’s care setting must be one that not only cares for the patient, but also cares for that patient’s family. A patient’s family is defined by King as an open systems theory as a social structure that has an impact on the growth and development of a person, Neuman’s system theory suggests that each individual is separate although they influence the structure the family unit, then Roy’s adaptation theory includes the community in the definition of the context of family (Potts & Manleco, 2012). Through the process of caring for all builds a circle of trust and support that is developed amongst the patient, their family, and the nurse. The patient will feel safe and secure, which will aid in their overall healing. The family of the patient will be able to be more interactive with the patient’s care, which could improve the patient’s healing process and overall wellness (Potts & Mandleco, 2012). Therefore, caring and building a relationship with the patient and their family the nurse is creates an environment for the patient to receive the best care possible (Harvey & Ahmann, 2016). Since the development of the patient centered care through evidence based practice it has shown that caring for the patient with their family provides overall satisfaction with a trusting relationship that will last a lifetime (Potts & Mandleco, 2012). By this relationship the nurse is able to inquire and receive the most intimate details about the patient, which could be the keys to providing the care needed for that patient’s optimal outcome (Merrigan, Steinmiller, Figueroa-Altmann, & Davis, 2016). The goal for the nurse is to provide the safest environment possible while providing patient centered care, and including th...

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...sentment. By including family in the care of the pediatric patient, evidence has shown that it is vital for not only the one-time event, yet also that one-time event will impact the patient and family in their future interactions with health care providers (Lehnr & Sadler, 2015).
In conclusion, by assessing each family member individually all concerns may be addressed within the family unit. Therefore, the patient is given proper care, the family becomes an active participant, and the nurse has created a safe environment for all involved. By this everyone is able to work towards the common goal of the best outcome for the patient in their particular situation. The blended relationship of proven evidence based practice techniques and patient safety in “patient in the context of family” care creates the safest and most well managed patient care plan for the child.

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