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A Nurse For Vancouver Police Department Essays

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Kane walked into the Revolver cafe filled with the aroma of freshly grounded coffee, sweet sugary pastries and, warm milky cream. He came to meet with his fiancee Lauren around 6:00 pm as he had done since they first met three years ago. Kane is 35 years old and is a detective for the Vancouver Police department (VPD). He also worked for the military. Kane is different from most people. He has developed the ability to predict certain events that will happen, although it only works if the event involves him or someone close to him. It mainly happens when he is very relaxed or sleep. His father David was a veteran and worked as a forensic scientist for the VPD. David is the most influential person in Kane 's life when it comes to detective work. He met Lauren 3 years ago who works as a nurse for Vancouver General Hospital (VGR). As Kane and Lauren both of them got settled in the cafe, Kane seemed to be distracted. For some reason he sensed someone was watching him. He continued to look around which began to bother Lauren. “You need to get some rest. You 've been working all day. Sometimes I wonder if you 're actually okay. You spend hours working on these brutal, blood filled crime scenes and I never know what’s actually going on.” Lauren said worriedly.
“I’m fine, but I just have this feeling. Anytime I get this feeling, something always happens.” Kane said as he turned around to look.
Kane turned around to see a man sitting nearby by and they both made eye contact. This man was wearing a black shiny leather jacket with black boots and black sunglasses hanging above his forehead. He had long black hair along with a thick mustache. He didn’t order anything to eat which only made Kane 's suspicions grow even more. After Lauren and ...

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...Lauren, where are you?” Kane yelled as he stumbled out the bed confused, running downstairs to find her reading on the couch. He was still confused from his vision.
“Yes, Kane I’m right here. No need to yell.” Lauren said.
“Oh, I’m sorry I just… had a… nevermind.” Kane said with a sigh of relief. Kane realized that dreamt the future again. Although, he knew that his vision was going to happen soon but didn’t know when. So from there he prepared for this tragic event, letting Owen, Frank and Steve know ahead of time before it was too late. One thing troubled him though. The man in the shadows with the grenade meant that Marat was not working alone. The vision that was supposed to lead him to answers only gave him of half of a solution.
“Lauren, I want you to be very careful.”
“You 're so silly. Of course I always take care of myself.” She laughed.
To be Continued…

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