A Note on Music Genres Essay

A Note on Music Genres Essay

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Over the past century music change has been based on the influence of people and technology. The changes in technology have influenced the way music is listened to and the instruments in that time period that make the sounds. The sound of the music links directly to the likes and dislikes, which brings us to the influence of the people. Every aspect of a person has an effect. You must take into account what they are feeling and what their lifestyle is. Then the next step is to look at the influence on their lifestyle. Society, it is the people’s likes, dislikes, cultures, and politics as a whole. It can be gathered that what society is doing, everyone is doing it too. So, when it comes to popular music the big question is, what is society listening to?
For a better description of popular music, according to the Oxford English Dictionary Online, popular is “prevalent or current among the general public.” Popular music is the genre that is on the radio, playing in people’s cars, and at their homes. It is the feel good sound that brings everyone together to dance, play, and sing. However, it is ever changing and with that begins a timeline, to understand the growth of music.
To make a popular genre there has to be the basic sounds that lead to it all. As David Robertson has said, “When a composer imagines a sound and then notates it for someone else there are lots of common beliefs in play. The pitch will probably be standard: it will relate to existing instruments and therefore to habits of tone production and listening that have been established for quite a while.” So, this timeline begins in the 1900’s.
From 1900 to 1910 the popular genres were country blues, ragtime, and anglo-american folk. The blues and ragtime were imme...

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...on, David. "Listening to the Now." Daedalus 142.4 (2013): 3-44. Academic Search
Premier. Web. 20 November. 2013.
Robertsons essay is about the change of perspective on classical music. He had got the idea for it during a celebration dinner while talking about a book that spoke of limits. This brought him to the conclusion that according to the book classical music could no longer be made how people would enjoy it. So his essay talks about the ideas that classical music is no longer popular.

Stone, James H. "The Merchant and the Muse: Commercial Influences On American Popular Music
Before the Civil War." Business History Review 30.1 (1956): 1-17. America: History
Life. Web. 20 November. 2013.
Stone talks about the importance of music with man. Also, the relationship between music and business. All which leads to the development and spread of music within culture.

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