A Note On How You Have Better Formatting Since The First Assignment Essay

A Note On How You Have Better Formatting Since The First Assignment Essay

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1. In this homework, I hope to have better formatting because in the first assignment my spacing was off. I need to answer the questions fully because I did not completely answer some of the questions. For example, when the question asked for an example I never gave one. With the feedback I was given, I want to take it and not make the same mistakes on this homework.
2. I found a video on Youtube called “Measuring Customer Satisfaction – Create Customers for Life” by Michael Leander. This video talked about how there are three different types of customers. Promoters are happy to recommend you, Passive Satisfies are not dissatisfied that are willing to change their mind, Detractors will be the customers are willing to let others know that they are unhappy. If you contact the customers who are the Detractors, you will be able to make their experience better just by making a phone call or an email.
3. In chapter 1, I learned about the different utilities that are needed for Marketing. It is easy to think that it is just about advertising, but that is not going to be the only thing that helps your business succeed. Overtime companies only focused on one part of marketing and tried to see their businesses strive. The four different eras are Production, Sales, Marketing, and now Relationship. The reason that relationship marketing is still working today is because it is important to create long term costumers since, transaction-based marketing only allows you to make one sale instead of multiple which would happen if you made a relationship.
4. A Christian Business Person should study marketing because God needs to have disciples everywhere. God wants his sons and daughters to follow their passions and through their passions, He wan...

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...a specific group though, I would say the younger generation. The reason they keep updating their products is because the younger generation is getting smarter and continues to want the next big thing. Apple’s product strategy is continuing to come up with something better. Not only do they try to make the best product, but they also have a well known packaging and logo that no one forgets. Their distribution strategy allows people to purchase an iPhone almost anywhere. Customers can buy them at places like Verizon, Best Buy, and even online. One of Apple’s promotion strategies is putting in a pair of their good quality headphones with a purchase of an iPhone or iPad. Their pricing strategy allows them to make money off of their products, but to also keep it to a price that is manageable for others to afford. Their prices seem to match up well with their competitors.

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