A Norm Is A Social Guideline For How We Think, Feel, Or Act? Essay

A Norm Is A Social Guideline For How We Think, Feel, Or Act? Essay

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A norm is a social guideline for how we think, feel, or act. Norms are violated on a daily basis, but what sets the norm violations apart is the severity of them. A norm violation would be considered not as serious if it is something like burping and farting in public. While doing this in public may offend someone, it is usually forgiven or ignored. Then there are violations that are more severe that can damage the ethics or morals of people in a certain society or native culture. An example of this could be invading someone’s personal space by going up to them and slapping them on the butt. Doing this would result in a negative sanction from the public. Sanctions are a response you get for either upholding a norm or violating one. More than likely you will get a positive sanction for upholding a norm and a negative sanction for violating a norm. Norms are involved in everyday life, even though most people do not realize it or think about it. Everyone has values or mores instilled in them from their parents or peers while growing up. Even though everyone comes from different backgrounds, most people tend to believe in the same norms with the exceptions of some people whose values or mores have different norms.
A norm violation that I observed was a man dressed up as a woman walking around in public. This would be considered a norm violation because of his etiquette. While it may not be a norm violation for this man, it is for people whose values do not condone a man dressing up as the opposite sex. The standard for most religious groups believes in the value of personal identity and not feeling ashamed of what you were given in the first place. Values are the standards by which people define what is desirable or undesirable, goo...

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...a restaurant or standing abnormally close to someone may not be as big of a violation as it is in America because their culture does not view it as such. For example it is in proper to eat or shake another person’s hand in India because the left hand is considered to be filthy and only used in the restroom while in America, people write, eat and do other activities while using their left hand. The values treated by other cultures will always remain the same because people grew up knowing their own version between right and wrong. People do incredibly awful things because they believe that it is their version of justice in the world, such as extreme Islamic beliefs that result in terrorism. No matter what the person believes in or what our version of right or wrong is, we could never judge one man’s social norms because we, ourselves, look wrong in their eyes as well.

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