Essay on A Noncolor Blind Society

Essay on A Noncolor Blind Society

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America is a society that founded basic human rights through injustice which was widely known as the American paradox. Even though it is stated in the Declaration of Independence that, "All men are created equal," decades ago and often times today, it only applied to what was believed to be the superior race, and that only meant certain groups of people. This American paradox connected directly to racism which included prejudice, discrimination, and institutional inequality defined by sociologists Michael Omi and Howard Winant. America is an unequal society destroyed by individual racial discrimination that led to institutional racial discrimination which led to systemic racial discrimination. It all starts with individual racism — one person's opinions or beliefs on someone else's race which spread, and once a consensus is reached, institution and systemic racism arise with formulations of policies such as segregation exclusion acts. Historians and professors such as Audrey Smedley, Edmund S. Morgan, George M. Fredrickson, and Reginald Horsman wrote on these three different racial discriminations that tie all together to establish a noncolor blind society.
Individual racial discrimination derived from the seventeenth century when scholars and scientists began to question the origin of race and mankind. In her article, historian Audrey Smedley gathered the questions and findings by these scholars that led to individual racism, then institutional and systemic racism based on the diversity of skin colors. Intellectuals researched mainly the Bible and came to a conclusion that there were two separate races with Christians and Jews on one side and other races such as Indians, Africans, and Asians on the other. Christians and Jews ...

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...specific race. As learned in lectures and from historians/professors Audrey Smedley, Edmund S. Morgan, George M. Fredrickson, and Reginald Horsman, when intellectuals questioned derivations of race, it only led to racism against nonwhites. This individual racism expands into institutional racism once their opinions are heard with the participation of others who agree with them. Lastly, the government system becomes involved and supports these opinions. These steps have been executed, proven in lectures and by historians and professors. These steps were done in America that showed itself as a noncolor blind society where an individual's rights are not necessarily given. The judgment of which race is better than the other(s) ironically founded basic human rights written in the Declaration of Independence, and created the philosophy that Americans continue to live upon.

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