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A Nightmare At Home Essay

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A Nightmare At Home

At the start of a beautiful fall, every parent worst nightmare

came into existence. One evening that nightmare got closer to

home and knocked at our doors. “It’s such a sad thing, I mean we

know these people, we know these kids, and it’s just so

unbelievable.” Karen said. “I agree.” Nicole starts. “I think it

hits closer to home because it happened here in our community an

these are people with whom we share our lives, this is

unimaginable. I don’t know what I will do if it happened to me.

What do you think cam?” “I agree with you both, because we know

these families and they live in our community, it does affect us

more personally than others.” I replied. “All I can think about

is how Cheryl and Emily are coping during all of this. I plan to

stop by after the search tomorrow; they need an army of support

right now.” “Turn that up,” says Nicole pointing at the TV.

“Cheryl is making a statement.” “I say this to the kidnappers"

cheryl says, "please don’t hurt my baby, I can personally assure

you that whatever you want, you can have. Just bring my baby home.

My family and I are prepared to offer anything for the safe

return of Caleb. Now, I plead out as a mother to anyone and

everyone in the city hearing this message, if anyone knows or has

seen anything, please contact the number on your screen. My heart

goes out to the Dunbar 's, and to Emily Dunbar especially, as of

this moment, we are as one mother searching for her child. Thanks

for the prayers that we have received, and a special thanks to

the Green Creek Police Department and F.B.I. for all the hard

work that they have put in looking for Caleb. Thank you all.”

“She is so strong,” says Nicole. “I don’t think ...

... middle of paper ...

...ome. I had a couple of bruises, a sprain ankle, and

enough issues foryears of therapy but was told I would be fine

and just to see a doctor as soon as possible. On the other hand,

Judith and Tom were arrested for kidnapping, assault, and other

charges. The sheriff says they won’t see outside for a very long

time. Gabe was pronounced dead at the hospital. The glass in his

side went through to one of his lungs; he pulled the shard out

which caused him to bleed to death. Steph came home to a

nightmare but now is trying to regroup and piece together her

life again. The children were safely returned to their families

and are as happy as if this had never happened. Six months later,

we are in a good place. We are moving forward and rebuilding our

community. Smiling again and looking forward to the good things

that are to come.

The End

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