Essay on A Night Of Cold Air Blowing Through The Window

Essay on A Night Of Cold Air Blowing Through The Window

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A night of cold air blowing through the window giving off the essence of wanting someone by her side, she stretch’s out her hand and feels a cold bedside where a warm body should be. She opens her eyes and saw nothing, a tear rolled down her cheek with thoughts of being a naughty girl. Just one night, no worries, no cares just nothing but her naughty thoughts unleashed on a man who is willing to handle her.
She decides to sit up in her bed wondering who she would be able to unleash on and enjoy it at the same time. Can’t do it, just to do it, it has to with a kinky minded man who will unleash with her. And wouldn’t hold her back on anything she wants to do to them. Living the single life just aren’t what it’s cracked up to be. The fact of someone being home waiting for you to get home from work. Butt naked waiting in the bed for you, lusting for you just as much as you for them. Just the thought makes her wet, and horny to point she can’t resist to touch herself. She slowly rubs herself thinking about a guy she recently met who she thought was cute, a little thuggish, but cute. Brown skin, light brown eyes, he had soft lips that look so kissable; he stood about 6’5 weighing in at least at 290. He spoke as if he was educated and not that yo ma, hey honey instead it was “Hello “Ms. Lady, how are you today”? Just the thought of him lying beside her made her rub her clit just a little hard, but slow and gentle to make it feel like a tongue is actually taking care of her. Oh the thoughts that race threw her mind makes her wetter and wetter she is badly in need of someone. She thinks I won’t release right I will wait until I can have him the way I want him, and show him just how good he can have it. As she thinks to herself how can I...

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... appearance he states I’m just getting off work. “No problem I see no issue on how you look”, she replies. Your wife or girlfriend must be pleased to have a man working, that’s rare these days she said. And he replies “no wife or girlfriend haven’t found the right one as of yet not that I’m not looking”. Just been focus, my last relationship I caught my girl cheating on me. As she watches his lips move to speak she can’t help to wonder how they feel. She ends up cutting him off and says what days do you have off, I would like to repay for helping me open up the store. I’m off tomorrow what time do you get off today he asked. She grins and says you want to hang out tonight, that’s possible stop here around 7pm. Okay he replies, she stands and thinks to herself what the hell is his name. She yells out real quick “I didn’t get your name”? He says “Demetrius, and yours”?

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