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Based on the account of Gulliver’s visit to the foreign land of the Houyhnhnms, it was quite apparent that his experience consisted of shock and adaptation. From the moment of arrival, he was put into a state of emergency. In his time on the island, Gulliver was introduced to many alien ideas and creatures. In the time he was on the island, he both learned of and tried to shorten the chasm of difference between humans and Houyhnhnms. The greatest lesson he learned included his epiphany with the Yahoos. With this realization, his life was never the same as his thinking process has been changed like never before. The Houyhnhnm culture proposed the idea of a new way of life to Gulliver. Through the Yahoo culture, he was convinced of the preposterous nature of the Yahoo and human species.
Not only were the cultures inherently bizarre, but the circumstances of the encounter were chaotic. Such complications would have made comprehension of the situation even more difficult. To begin, he was crew mutinied and forced him onto the island. [Swift, 240]. Once he reached the shore he noticed and met the two societies that would change his life forever. His experience with the Yahoos began with “a herd of at least forty came flocking about me from the next field, howlig and making odious faces; but I ran to the body of a tree.”(241) However the Yahoos continued to harass him when he described, “from whence [the tree] they discharge their excrements onto my head.”(241) To his delight a Houyhnhnm rescued him when, “I observed them all to run away on a sudden as fast as they could…. wondering what it was that could put them into this fright. But looking on my left hand, I saw a horse walking softly in the field.” (pg 241) As described by the qu...

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...ulliver had seen for quite some time. Such behavior extended to his family back home. He was extremely repulsed by the former love of his life and own two children. He is disgusted by the fact that he copulated with, what he understood to be just another female Yahoo.(289) Gulliver’s psychopathic behavior did not stop with humans. He rather spend his time with the horses in the stable than with humans because he thought them to be the closest thing to Houyhnhnms available. (289) Although he is so hateful of humans, his self-image seemed to be satisfactory. This is because he thinks himself to be superior and set apart from the other humans. This quality is attributable to him mentorship under the master Houyhnhnm, leading him to believe that he is enlightened. Despite the fact that he is fine with the state that he is in, he despises his life living among humans.

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