A New Venture Innovation Within Higher Education Essay

A New Venture Innovation Within Higher Education Essay

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The purpose of the following report is to successfully promote a new venture innovation within higher education. The overall aim is to create higher levels of passion, motivation and engagement among both teachers and students. This will be demonstrated through the creation of an online crowdsourcing platform designed for the betterment of all that are a part of higher education. However, unlike current crowdsourcing and crowdfundraising platforms the new venture offers the ability to donate time, knowledge and funds to those seeking it within higher education. Through the use of Marco van Gelderen’s methodology of generating initial ideas for new venture opportunities, furthermore, the promoted new venture has been formalized through the use of Alexander Osterwalder’s business model canvas, which generated a comprehensive venture. The critical thinking process for the idea generating for a new venture project for higher education begin was Gelderen’s methodology whereby, ‘passive searching’ is firstly persued, followed by ‘active searching’ which is slip into two dimensions, ‘inward searching’ and ‘outward searching’. Passive searing is basically obersvering higher education. As a student the observations made were issues such as, poor diet due to lack of funds causing decreased cognitive functions, and the ever increasing student debt which creates heightened stress levels, more so when considering life after higher education. Other issues were obersived such as the strain on student-teacher relationships, creating lower levels of trust, motovation and engagement. Furthermore, students experience emotional and physical strain during extensive periods of study, which often lead to working until the early hours of the following mo...

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...ings such as, fresh fruit and vegtables, meat, USB sticks, new socks, book store vouchers and so on. This adds value to students quility of life and of their cognitve functions. The Fundraising section is for Universities, to seek funds to accomadate higher quality education, this will work like most crowdfundraising platforms also, it will have a champain time limit, a goal they are aiming for, and follow up with their donars to show the effect their donation has had. Lastly, the Blog, this is to add value for students, teachers and higher education, blog enteries can be submited by anyone, then reviewed by the staff before being posted to the website, where others can login and comment. The idea of the blog is to share information, and tips within higher education. This blog with further aid in creating relationship and to generate motavation, passion and engagment.

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