Essay about A New Type Of Advanced Sciences Technology

Essay about A New Type Of Advanced Sciences Technology

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The world has been exposed to a brand new type of advanced sciences technology. Bioengineering is this Promethean art. There are many questions and inquiries drifting around about this enigmatic idea. This fear of the unknown often inspires fear and disgust for this technology. This new discovery has begun to spread into the agricultural industry. Farmers and ranchers are are beginning get to buy certain engineered seeds for their crop growth. The process of breeding certain types of like animals together with gene splicing is also arising. Before reacting irrationally to this project, everyone should learn more about it and what the outcome will be. Perhaps the Bible has something to say about what God wants people to do concerning this. Perhaps genetically modified foodstuffs might not be so bad or horrid as first assumed. Genetic modifications are misunderstood, helpful, and without ill affects.
What is a GMO?
Before getting into too much detail, the simple questions and answers should be sorted out. What even is a GMO, what does it stand for? Or where did this new technology come from, what is involved in it? Mary Pols states from the Tribune Business News "It is a genetically modified organism, meaning that scientists have altered the genes of a plant or animal to produce some desirable characteristics, such as disease resistance, faster growth or color or texture." The term GMO stands for genetically modified organism. Genetically modified organisms often appear in animals such as fish and the common farm livestock. People have been breeding certain animals for a long time. People have often bred horses with donkeys to produce mules, a valuable and hardworking animal. People are beginning to do these...

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...ble side effects of the process to declare the food safe." However, this reference is not necessarily accurate. "Yet, not a single person to date has become sick from bio-engineering foods." (Blake, 2015, pg. 2). This new statement claims that there are no ill effects of these food have been recorded or observed since their creation or release If this truly has no positive affects, then how come no negative ones have been reported or foundation? But we are very clearly able to see positive effects of these foods; the food is bigger, much cheaper, many times easier to grow, and available practically anywhere. This reference nullifies the last one, meaning that it most likely is safe to eat genetically modified plants and animals. Healthy effects actually have been recorded. This food is eaten on a regular basis and people seem to manage just fine on this sustenance.

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