Essay on A New Technological Revolution: Computers

Essay on A New Technological Revolution: Computers

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Today we are witnessing a new revolution, very similar in the proportions to XIX Century Industrial Revolution (Mercury News, 2014, online) but probably with consequences as far-reaching as the revolution caused by printing during the Middle Ages (Rand, 2014, online).
Living this revolution implies the need for knowledge of technologies that completely change paradigms known over time. Computer literacy is as necessary today as it was, and still is, classical literacy, reading and writing.
Furthermore, computers have rapidly merged with information and has led to the phenomenon known as media/technological convergence (Olawuyi & Mgbole, 2012, p.1), where communication is obtained through a single system which brings together the features of the phones, TV, computers, and why not books. All this means that computers as tools and terminal systems to access the global network are already within the teaching environment.
Taking this into account, it is of vital importance for the future of the learners of any educational institution that the teachers/trainers/tutors are able to use these technologies effectively. To do so, we need to stop seeing the computer as an alien or even a strange instrument which only experts know how to manage and start to see it as something as mundane as a TV, a refrigerator or, why not, a moped.
The use of computers to deliver a training session can be seen as the use of the books in the classroom. The teacher/trainer can use them as an extra resource to add information to his own resources and/or knowledge of the subject. For instance, the IT classroom could be considered a second library, where learners can acquire knowledge as we previously did with books.
Apart from using ILT as a knowledge resource, ...

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