A New Teaching Style For The Class Environment Essay

A New Teaching Style For The Class Environment Essay

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For this week class, we applied a new teaching style for the class environment, which the roles of students and instructor were revised. The main focus of the lesson is based on the Relational Leadership Model, but this new method helped us to have deeper understandings of the materials. Just like Shane said before we started applying the method “The way you look at the readings will be different based on your role of teacher or student.”
In the beginning of chapter three, it described how the role of the relational leadership should be a process that raises all participants to levels at which they can become effective leaders. In my personal opinion, Shane actually used this method on us and by sharing the role of the leader in the classroom, we could see how the teaching and preparing process provided a new perspective beyond our original role within classroom. Relational leadership fall into three circles (Inclusive, Empowering, Ethical) and one big circle overlapping on all three of them, which is purpose. All three of the perspectives tried to approach leadership from a unique ...

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