A New Sense Of Self And Belonging Essay

A New Sense Of Self And Belonging Essay

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“Don’t worry, I’ll keep my pants on.” One of the stand out phrases in The Visitor. A line Walter uses during a conversation with Tariff’s wife. The significance of this line is not to garner attention, it occurs because it is a phrase that Walter hears from Tariff during his practice, and Walter soon indulges in the same hobby, playing the drums. He restates this phrase, in order to project a new sense of self and belonging to this hobby. This idea of belonging not only takes place in The Visitor, it also is in Whitehead’s Sag Harbor. In this case, Benji sense of belonging halts because of the several misconceptions that are in society, the conflict between self and them. Rather than being the stereotypical African American, he falls into the category of being one of the “sons of a diplomat”(Whitehead 5). Constant belittlement of the self is what drives an individual to a point of isolation, yet the belittlement has been often out the hands of the victim. Outside factors such as loneliness, death, and disrespect are the things that have a negative effect on an individual 's ability to feel wanted and belong. This reoccurring theme within two texts is the link to understanding the sometimes difficult, Hierarchy of Needs proposed by Abraham Maslow.
As Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs suggests, the longer a person goes without fulfilling their needs, the more they crave for it to be done. Like stated before, external factors play a large role in an individual 's actualization of these needs and often delays this process. Both Benji and Walter are victims of this for multiple reasons such as damaged relationships, lack of confidence and identity crisis. By all means,the migrating between two locations, create a sense of difficulty for ...

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...flict between residing in New York versus Connecticut. Ultimately Walter decides to stay in New York until Tarek safety is ensured, showing that this friendship he has built, is worth unemployment. The worth of his work at Connecticut lacks importance in Walter’s life since it causes him to get in the habit of pretending to busy. This identity he once had, has returned to its true form, the man he was before the death of his wife.
In the long run, Walter was not able to keep Tarek safe as he was deported back to Syria, Although the situation was devastating, Walter unlike before was able to challenge grief and keep moving forward. Instead of staying stuck in a period of sadness, Walter continues to move forward. Similar to the way he remembers his wife, Walter continues to play the drums out of respect for Tarek and the positivity he was able to once again achieve.

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