A New Quality Control System Essay

A New Quality Control System Essay

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Change can be difficult in many situations because it is easy to get complacent and stuck in our ways. In a corporate setting change can be even more difficult. On a corporate level change will involve many people, many departments, and even a whole corporate culture. In the case of John Smithers he was asked to implement a new quality control system for the company he worked for. In the end the program never gained any traction and John felt his days were numbered because some staff changes were already being made. There were a few things that John could have done differently to prevent putting himself into this situation. These include not listening to his initial instincts or gut feeling, not getting enough involvement from ownership, not enough cooperation from other departments, and not having enough time to go thru the full implementation process to achieve best results.
When Sigtek’s approached Smither’s vice president of engineering to take on the implantation of the quality control system Six Sigma, Smither’s already had his doubts. Smithers even said when he took on the position, ”I am skeptical about the ability to effect change.” There were already many factors that gave him concern including that a program of this sort might raise worker’s expecting too high. Also Smithers knew that the separation between engineering and operations already existed to an extreme between the two departments at Sigtek. He had already had many run-ins with his counterpart, Sam Murphy, who would be leading the quality change program in the operations side. Smithers said it was a joke saying, “It was like putting oil and water together.” With all of these known concerns Smithers should have listened to his intuition and passed on the p...

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...ization, your Six Sigma implementation will not be fully effective. That’s why it’s important to set up a system to ensure that employees’ contributions to your Six Sigma efforts are recognized promptly and regularly and that all team members are kept updated on your progress. This is the best way to ensure the continued participation of every member of your team, and it must be maintained both during the initial Six Sigma implementation and after the program is up and running. cite: (n.d.). Retrieved September 18, 2016, from http://www.villanovau.com/resources/six-sigma/6-sigma-implementation
In the end Smithers asked himself if he could have done something different. If he had listened to his instincts he probably would have passed on the position. Also the lack of upper management leadership and the impatience to see quick results were a recipe for failure.

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