A New Professor At The University Of Your Dreams Essay

A New Professor At The University Of Your Dreams Essay

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Picture this: You are a new professor at the university of your dreams. You are African American, yet you believe that this will not hinder your success as a professor. You walk into faculty orientation and that’s when it happens: everyone in the room stops what they’re doing to stare at you in awe. You stroll further into the room, contemplating the reason why your presence seems to shock the whole room. Then it hits you. You are 1 of the 2 African Americans in the room. As time rolls on, the stares begin to bother you, and the realization hits that this will most likely be an everyday occurrence. So what do you do? Do you push past the dazed, vile glares or do you give up on your dream? This is a question that no citizen in the United States should have to answer. It is unfair that the Predominately White Institutions (PWIs) in the United States are hesitating to adhere to the diversity laws of the country. Therefore, diversity percentages for university faculty should be increased and monitored better to ensure that African Americans are not being cheated out of their right to teach at PWIs across the country.
The attitude of aspiring black professors is not the issue. The issue lies with PWIs who feel as though African Americans are inferior when it comes to education. Even though 13.3 percent of education doctorates are awarded to African Americans, they are still not hired as quickly as some of their Caucasian classmates (Krupnick). According to Marybeth Gasman, a professor at University of Pennsylvania, some schools simply do not want African American professors. “Even those people on search committees that appear to be dedicated to access and equity will point to ‘quality’ or lack of ‘quality’ as a reason for not hiring a...

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...eer group”, only 2 of 14 universities meet the national average of 6 percent diversity (Flaherty).
There is no greater feeling in this world than to feel accepted. Acceptance means comfort and comfort makes it so much easier for one to operate at their best. Take a moment to recall the hateful glares you received earlier in this text. If so many universities are trying to improve their diversity on campus then why does this continue to happen to so many black professors around the country? Those who love education enough to pass it on to others should not be discriminated on based upon the color of their skin, or even their gender. Does it matter that one professor likes Classical music and one likes Hip Hop? No, because all that matters at the end of those 4 years is that the student learned the necessary skills he or she needed to enter into society successfully.

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