A New Perspective On Racism Essay

A New Perspective On Racism Essay

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The United States has come a long way since the proverbial era of slavery that brought blatant, public, and violent discrimination against colored individuals. Also, must not limit our view of racism to just violent acts or we will miss the true identity of racism. Moreover, there are many dilemmas and problematic notions that reveal remaining hatred towards non-whites. We often incur behavior that we shrug off because they are seen as normal thought processes, but we need to examine, question and criticize ourselves, what we accept, and the way others conduct themselves. Three fallacies on racism that have been manifested over the minds of many are the Tokenistic, Ahistorical, and Individualistic fallacy. The aforementioned fallacies must be a new perspective on the social construct we have created, race.
Firstly, the first fallacy revolves around the idea of racial obstacles and lack of thereof due to colored people obtaining influential, political, and wealthy positions in society. Because of the few colored people that have attained the sought out societal statuses, the fallacy conduces the idea that aren’t any obstacles and that racism does not exist in the field of the held positions. The Tokenistic fallacy creates the misconception of making the few that are successful the rule, as opposed to the exception. As the data represents, presented by Matthew Desmond, AO (pg. 5), the average net worth by race has remained drastically unequal. Whites’ net worth is more than double when compared to African Americans and Latinos. Part of which is a consequence of the opportunities has given to each race by the present institutions and the public policies in place. This is a clear indication of how asinine the Tokenistic fallacy reall...

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...agged as a non-racist. He unknowingly cemented the idea in my mind that racism is discrete, incognito, and not what it used to be. The individualistic fallacy is easily utilized and blinds the individual of recognizing their and others actions as racism.
As a result of the fallacies mentioned, the progression of a color blind utopia, although likely impossible, is nullified. Because these misconceptions affect the social construct in everyone’s life, they have to be questioned, targeted, and broken apart to illuminate us all on the impact they have. In addition, we must understand the past historical events and internalize them to have a clear comprehension of the new racism that has morphed from the racism seen decades ago. Definitively, and un-relentlessly, we need to question ourselves, our actions, and our habitual thought processes that were handed down to us.

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