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The news Headline, " A New World ", as I read through the newspaper I understand that a new land was found by explorers, a" insurmountable world" as they said, with different ideals and different structure , however not much detail is there, which leaves space for the imagination to kick in. I and my friend set down to discuss this new land and what new things it holds. And so we let our imagination fly off and set the rules and regulations to this new world, discussing all the aspects of society and nation.
The discussion takes off and we begin with the government structure, the perfect government system as my friend described it is a government elected by the people of the nation, every five years. It is free of liars, traitors and thieves, and its only care is to serve the people the best way it can. It consists of ten members and the king; it focuses on helping the people to live a better and happier life. Finally the government's only concern is to give the people the needs they require and to fulfill those needs by any means necessary. After that we shift of to the laws of punishment and crime. The laws are not set by the government; instead the laws are set by the people, and are enforced by the people also. This is the best way to set laws and enforce because this way the laws apply on everyone. Nobody is above the law, not even the king himself, the law is enforced so that it protects the people, and guarantees there security, and the security of their families and properties.
Then we discussed the economy of this insurmountable nation, and it is an economy based on sharing and cooperate work. There is no currency, everything if provided to the people in equal fare rations. The chores are divided a...

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...eir nation in any way, they just rest. Also when someone dies, a big celebration is thrown, celebrating the person's life and achievement, and paying tribute to acknowledgment them and there work, and they are buried, in an isolated sector of the land called "After Life ".
The people of this nation are very temperate with everything they do, the live according to a high discipline and high honor. They never alienate anyone and they respect everyone. There politics consist of peace; there ways are of those who dislike war and dispute. Although they have a large army, it is only for protection, they never attack unless attacked.
This is our view of this great nation, a nation where everyone is happy and secure, a nation of justice and of no dispute. A secure place for everyone to live in and enjoys their life in, a land of equality.

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