Essay on A New Home And New Society

Essay on A New Home And New Society

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Along with these children coming into a new home and a new society, things in their community may be different. When placed with this new family, they may be in a different part of their community, like the east or west side of their city. When moving a child into a relative or close member’s home, their biggest goal is to not move them so far and to keep them near what they know. Also keeping them in the same school, or a school very close to their school, that way they do not lose those relationships they have bought. Well, in some cases, you cannot always promise that. Sometimes the children have to move a little distance away, or move schools completely. This could bring about a problem because you may be introducing new diversities, races, and cultures to this child. This could be scary for the child and have a negative effect on their development as well because they do not like it or they are not comfortable in that society.
Another difference is culture. Yes, if you move a child in with a blood relative or a close family friend, they might have similar things. But in most cases, their culture may be a little different. Also, either way there will be a culture shock to this child in the beginning because the home they came from, was most likely not the best and they may have learned their culture from their parents. Bringing these children into a new home and telling them the rules, or the way things work, may be a huge culture shock to them because all those things are so new and they do not understand them.
Following the idea that these changes in their society may set these children back, there are still problems arising from kinship itself. Our first goal as social workers is to reunify these children with their biologi...

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...e home or something along those lines. We need to stay focused on finding the best option for the children instead of rushing them into something because it is what we think.
While researching and learning more about kinship, there was a couple things I found that could be modified or done better. One of these ideas being asking the child. Every report I found, or every article I read, I found that every social worker did the research, they did the book criteria, but they never seemed to ask the child what they believed was best. No, the child does not always get a say in what is happening to them or what will come next. But you have to make sure the child is comfortable and understanding of what is happening. You can really get an idea of another person by the way a child talks about them too. Especially if you are about to place this child in this families custody.

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