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A New Hand Of The New Age Essay

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The New Hand of the New Age

The use of robotics was originally created to do precise and repetitive tasks, however an advancement in technology has led to a higher variation of different types of robots. Exoskeletons, for that matter, have become a popular invention for people who have lost function in one or more body parts. The authors from the article, “Development and pilot testing of HEXORR: Hand EXOskeleton Rehabilitation Robot”, state that “impaired hand function is reported as the most disabling motor deficit” (p.**). This tends to be because the majority of daily activities include the usage of hands. Therefore, with the invention of orthotic exoskeletons, those with motor defects now have the chance to regain use of their hands. However, the technology behind this invention is not as simple as putting on a glove, there is logical manufacturing required to create the perfect exoskeleton for the patient. Great inventions like this one almost always come with advantages and disadvantages as well. Therefore, explanations of the following questions will create a stronger understanding of the robotic hands:
1. What is an orthotic exoskeleton hand and how does it work?
2. What are the advantages of this technology?
3. What are the disadvantages present when using the robotic hand?

What is an Orthotic Exoskeleton
Hand and How does it Work?
In her article, José Pons explains that “an orthosis is a mechanical structure that maps to the anatomy of the human limb” (p.3). This identifies that, in this case, the robot is manufactured to match the structure of the individual’s hand. Pons also explains that its function is to “compliment the ability for the human limb and restore the handicapped functions” (p.3). Ther...

... middle of paper ...

...ts the functionality and control of the force feedback, causing there to be no full control on the force vector. Therefore, all orthotic robot hands have different strengths and weaknesses depending on the targeted concern.

Although there are some downfalls with orthotic robot hands, studies have shown that they do however give people the opportunity to regain lost function in their hands. Weather its from the benefits of rehabilitation, or just by wearing the robot on its own. Without this type of technology, several people today would not have the ability to their every day tasks. These exoskeletons have created a positive impact on those with motor deficits and continue to do so today. Scientists are constantly doing experiments to try to improve these models to give individuals the best experience and function possible. Say hello to the new hand of the new age.

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