A New Generation Of Information And Communication Technology Essay

A New Generation Of Information And Communication Technology Essay

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Chapter 1 Introduction and Background (800 words)
1.1 Introduction
The emergence of a new generation of information and communication technology (ICT) are changing marketing rules and marketing dynamics and weakening the corporate competitive position as stated by (Porter,2001) , while at the same time presenting individuals with many new opportunities and empowerment(Christopher 1989:Wind Mahanjan 1997). In terms of development the need for new marketing orientation has gained momentum. What is emerging is the need to re-define marketing approaches in accordance with the view presented by (Constantinides ,2006;Heaton,2006;Thomas 2007).surviving on the age of the empowered customer means less dependence on old marketing strategies and engaging on one to one communication and customized approach. The social media can be a major enabler of this approach.
1.2 Background to the study
The present stage in the internet development has revolutionalized the way people interact, communicate share information and definitely the way customers tend to buy and sell products. The increasing adoption of internet and networking has led to an explosion of customers and business being carried out online hence making business more effective and simple. The social media is increasingly growing at the cost of traditional media. Looking closely at the emergence of new ICTS and particularly at the impact of commercial internet on business and on public one could argue that internet has dominated the development in the marketing domain for the past two decades...

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...t which also need to be considered.
1.9 Structure of the dissertation
The whole chapter entail the introduction and background to the study which is further divided into sub headings that give a clear description of the social media being used as a tool for business organization. The introduction part gives a brief explanation of the social media and the business organization and also its growth. The chapter also encompasses the background of the study and the reason for the study. It provides the research problems which outline the major challenge of the topic at hand. The aims and objectives gives the reasons for the study whereas the research questions outline the guidelines to focus on during the research. The relevance of the study explains the outcome of the research and its importance.

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