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Since September 11th, when the Twin and Pentagon towers were hit by planes, controlled by Middle Eastern Muslim terrorists. The perception toward Muslims being violent has been spread throughout the world. Innocent people who have never been involved in any crime act are being limited in practicing their religious duties. To be more exact, Freeman vs. Florida case ruled that Freeman has to take her veil off when taking a photo for a state driver’s license. The State argued that it had a compelling interest in the full-face photograph requirement because promotes safety and security, combats crime, and protects interstate commerce. The importance of a driver’s license is clearly known, not only for driving matters, but also identification document even when using a credit card. Freeman claimed that, wearing a veil is a Muslim woman’s duty, as well as driving for her is a must because of her daily routine. Freeman suggested that the free exercise of religion is protected under Article I, Section 3 of the Florida Constitution, which grounds the right to religious freedom.
Cases like this have allowed the Criminal Justice System to give birth to other ways of identifying people. Today’s generation of portable electronic measurement devices offer new possibilities. A routine police patrol pulls over a vehicle for traffic violation. Instead of asking for driver’s license, the officer snaps a digital picture of the drivers face and transmits it back to the localization via a wireless link in the patrol vehicle. The picture is compared against a facial image database, a match found, and the identity of the driver flashed up on the officer’s in-car terminal; without needing the cooperation of the driver, who may be incapacitated or abusi...

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...o accommodate individual beliefs. Thus, until biometric identification has been fully studying and implemented, the utmost importance is public safety. Public safety should continue to outweigh those feeling that showing your face for a driver’s license is a blow to their religious freedom.

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