A New Emerging Class Labor Unions and the role of Political Parties in Guyana

A New Emerging Class Labor Unions and the role of Political Parties in Guyana

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Labor unions in Guyana began in the 1900s and have been apart of the Guyanese working class. The PNC and PPP both evolved from the labor unions and this is where they go their strength from. Historically, most labor union workers are in the public sector these unions have always had close ties to the government that was in power. The trade union congress which was founded in 1941 serves as the leader of the trade unions for Guyana was affiliated with the PNC. The relationship between the labor unions and the PNC began to dwindled when the PNC wanted to control and silence the unions. The first trade union in Guyana emerged in 1917 as the British Guyana Labor Union founded by Hubert Nathaniel Critchlow. This trade union was the first in the Caribbean. Labor unions played an extremely important role in the anti colonial era in the 1960s. As usual the PNC are using those labor unions for their own personal interest. Since the relationship between the PNC and these labor unions began to dwindled, the Guyanese National Assembly adopted a constitutional amendment this meant that the government no longer had to consult with trade unions. The government began to cut the workers purchasing power this resulted in the Guyana currency decreasing in value.
The Formation of the Working People’s Alliance
The Working People’s Alliance was formed in 1974 as a political alternative to the PPP and the PNC. To be frank, this political party was for the “people” of Guyana. What is meant by people is the working and lower class society who economically contribute to the development of Guyana. The WPA originally was an alliance formed by four pressure groups, those groups were African Society for Cultural Relations with Independent Africa, Indian P...

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...nd book ever, “ A History of the Guyanese Working People”.

The Assassination of Walter Rodney

By 1980, it seemed that Guyana should have just remained a British colony because it was not doing well. Political conflict still plagued this country, class association and class discrimination was still at a all time high. The PNC became so desperate to get rid of Rodney that they plotted and executed the assassination of him by placing a bomb in the car he was sitting in. Now how did the PNC think this was going to be a great idea? It caused more conflict in Guyana to occur. Even though Rodney died a horrible and tragic death his memory has continued to live on. For Guyanese today they need to learn his ways and to make sure that his life and legacy was not in vain. This is why Guyanese people need to wake up and see the political parties for who they truly are.

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