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Throughout history and historical texts, the topic of race has consistently become a topic of discussion that is now an inherently justified through classification in today’s modern day society. However, race, unbeknown to many people, was created to dehumanize and animalize people who had different characteristics than the “average person.” Texts like Francois Bernier’s “A New Division of Faith,” Francois Marie-Voltaire’s “Of the Different Races of Men,” and Immanuel Kant’s “Of the Different Human Races” are all examples of how the topic of race became justified by categorizing people with classifications that were, and still are, untrue. Even though these texts have been proven to be completely false and unjustified, they are still observed today’s present society. The myth that race is an inherent categorization of people is completely ridiculous, but it is constantly observed as a way for humans to group people with identifiable, inheritable, permanent physical differences.
Consistently throughout Bernier’s, Voltaire’s, and Kant’s texts, humans with different physical differences were given animalistic features to explain how they look towards the public. These people were not only described to seem lesser than the “white” counterparts, but the classifications were an established for people like Bernier, Voltaire, and Kant to classify every person on the planet into different “species” that would ultimately make them different from one another. For example, Bernier would describe black people to have inherent blackness. He tried to use this theory “under the second species [he] put the whole of Africa, except for the coast [he has] spoken of” into five classifications that would justify Africans’ obviously different skin...

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...her racist author to publish pieces of literature that would be justified and believed until today.
(Extended Version to the Conclusion)
It is difficult to tell whether if these pieces were not published, if they would have any type of significant difference on how societies today treat and discuss the issues of race today’s modern age. The topic of race in itself is a multifaceted theory that is extremely complex and hard to decipher yet alone completely dissect into small and understandable pieces. Humans and authors, like those previously shown, are the catalyst in how race is interpreted in today’s society and for the future generation. The topic of perpetuating race then changes from pushing forward what the “inherent categorization of people” to how to dismantle the theory of race so future generations do not have to be followed by stereotypes and stigmas.

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