Essay about A New Concept Of Generative Grammar

Essay about A New Concept Of Generative Grammar

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In the late 1960’s in the Unites States, a now renown philosopher, Noam Chomsky; posited a new concept of generative grammar. Behaviourists had asserted that, the role of science was to observe and report on perceptible aspects of the psychological mechanisms that relate impetus and response; it was not the role of science to venture into the realm of conjecture or speculation. Furthermore, behaviourists attempted to modify the abnormal or maladjusted behaviour directly, analysing the conditions causing the individual’s current symptoms, not their possible historical origin. They also aspired to show that such attempts had the potential for success without the substitution of symptoms predicted by Freudian theories (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2014).Chomsky, critical of this approach, predicated that the genuinely intriguing facets of all social phenomena, language included, are psychological or cognitive; the apparent fact that psychological phenomena are not immediately appreciable should not prevent us from studying them. This notion hastily gained favour among many people, and soon it was the main linguistics paradigm. Chomsky’s concept however greatly undermined the viability of the behaviourist theory which was, at the time, the primary and dominant paradigm. Chomsky, and indeed other generativists contended that behaviourism lacked enough scientific adequacy to be a foundational theory upon which a deeper and more inherent understanding of human behaviour and psychological processes could be understood. Apart from lack of scientific adequacy, there were also some political aspects to the argument. Chomsky argued that behaviourism allows social and political oppression to thrive by cloaking their interpretation (Chomsky 2004 1...

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... better understand our past. Behaviourist theory intended to contribute to the established cognizance of the general understanding of elemental psychological theories; explicating human behaviour in a cause-effect style binary purview. By adding to the plethora of information regarding the motivational or causative elements of human conduct, behaviourists intended to explain normal and abnormal behaviour.
Generally, most people within contemporary societies have a firm grasp of the expectations they have for the behaviour of their peers, and the expectations which their peers have for their own. Behaviourism strives not only to illustrate that people share similar elemental motivations for their behaviour but also to strengthen our understanding of those factors and serve as a reminder that a firm understanding is required in the interests of a cooperative society.

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