Essay on A New Brooklyn

Essay on A New Brooklyn

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Marissa tapped the glass separating her from the cab driver. “Please drop me off on next corner.” The cabbie nodded. Weaving through the traffic he pulled over.
Marissa reached over paid the cabbie and gather up her stuff before he pulled away. Stepping out into the busy street Marissa’s senses were immediately awaken. Closing her eyes she inhaled the aromas. She loved Brooklyn. Smells of Egyptian Musk, THAI food, beef patties,. Marissa closed her eyes and listened to the street symphony. It was the lull of the patois, screeching of tires, blend of music, voices, vendors she missed it greatly.

Suddenly Marissa felt a vibration, she reached into her bag and pulled out her phone. Nervous but smiling she answered “Hello”
“Hey” Jason responded (Marissa could practically see his crooked grin) “Where are you at?”
“Right where we agreed to meet “Marissa responded
“Then turn around and you will see me pulling up” – Jason said laughing
As Marissa turned she saw a grey BMW approaching the same corner where she recently vacated. “I’m hanging up now.” Marissa said. Ending the call and putting the phone back in her bag.
Breathe Marissa told herself. He’s the same old Jason.
Jason pulled in the spot and put on his hazard lights. He jumped out of the car and sauntered over to open the passenger side.
Inwardly Marissa smiled. Still the gentlemen.
Jason stopped in front of her – “What no hug?”
Marissa hesitated and then stepped closer and welcomed his embrace. Even on this warm summer day he still appeared cool. His grey shirt silhouetted him perfectly. It was the perfect complement to his caramel skin. The jeans were just the right shade to be causal but sophisticated. They hung on his waist and caressed his body. ...

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...e railing. Dusk was falling and couples started to stroll along the plaza. The bright oranges and purples were like a explosion of colors. The bridge was starting to become illuminated like a postcard. Headlights, bridge lights helped illuminated the darkening side.
Jason moved closer. “Look Marissa, what do you want to do about this now?” You’re getting married in two months. Are you seriously going to tell your fiancé that you have feelings for someone else?”
Marissa tried to wipe away her tear. “I don’t know what I feel” I am so confused” I love Grant but I don’t feel the same as with you. Trust me I remember those times we didn’t always get along so well. It’s not that. It’s that Grant, well he loves me seemingly unconditionally. I thought that I had that with you and then we drifted apart. If I’m going to get married I want it to be forever.

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