Essay on A New Breed Of Home Buyer

Essay on A New Breed Of Home Buyer

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Bigger doesn’t always mean better. Recently, a new breed of home buyer has emerged. Creating small and unique housing that allows homeowners to downsize without having to downgrade. These people behind the tiny house movement are willing to reduce the overall size of space in their daily living in the attempt to live a stress-free life that offers within it, an ability to free time in your life to do more in your free time, helps to save money, and helps to reduce environmental impacts.

In the twenty-first century, we work all day to then come home to more work in one of the largest investments in our lives. Going tiny has proven to let people live more of a life that they want, rather than the life they need too in order to maintain their living standard, such as less cleaning/ repairing throughout the house, less money spent on and in your home, and the possibility of making your tiny house mobile. According to (Becker, J, 2015) the average American house contains three-hundred thousand items and within our life time we will misplace one hundred ninety-eight thousand, seven hundred and fourth three items which while trying to find consume on average one hundred and fifty-three days of our lives. By simply reducing the overall square footage of our homes we are literally gaining days on our lives that can be spent doing more enjoyable things rather than trying to find your car keys. Tiny house advocates also love the idea of a mobile home, which is placed on top of a trailer frame and able to move with a simple ball hitch. This design has been very popular because like other designs it is one hundred percent personal and every design is unique but with the ability to travel without leaving the comfort of your house. Tiny houses...

... middle of paper ... make it superior to concrete, those being water proof, fire proof, acts as a great insulator, and only weighs an eighth of the weight of concrete (What is hempcrete, 2016). Another huge environmental benefit tiny houses provide is reducing the carbon dioxide output, SOURCE stats that twenty percent of the worlds carbon emissions come from residential buildings. Tiny houses are able to use very little energy to heat and cool the living space and when fully electric, minimize their carbon dioxide output to almost zero.

The tiny house movement is proving to be a possibility for our future of living and within the movement offers the potential to live a more freeing, cost efficient and environmentally friendly ways of life. This will truly be an amazing concept to see develop and build into what many hope to be a cultural norm in the peruse of a greener planet.

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