A New Approach to Transmission Power Control for Multihop and Single Hop WSNs.

A New Approach to Transmission Power Control for Multihop and Single Hop WSNs.

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4.1 Simulation Environment

Our radio model uses characteristics similar to Telosb interface
and using ad hoc routing. Telosb uses CC2420 chip [cc2420chipcon]
, supporting eight different transmission power levels. Energy
consumptions for different transmission power levels are shown in
Table [tab:Telosb-Transmission-Power]. To simulate the typical
Telosb energy model in NS-2, we calculate the energy consumption
by each power level, given by: E=Pt, where power is the product
of the voltage and current drained at particular power level (P=VI
). Table [tab:Simulation-parameter-settings] shows our simulation

[float Table:
[Table 1:
Simulation Parameter Settings

| Parameter | Value |
| Channel carrier frequency | 2450 MHz |
| Data packet size | 25 bytes |
| Data rate | 12 kbps |
| RXthresh_ | -94 dB |
| Max Queue length | Large enough to avoid any drops |

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In this paper, a new approach to transmission power control was
presented for multihop and single hop WSNs. While some
researchers have suggested that short-range multihop
communication can extend sensor node's lifespan, our results,
both numerical analysis and simulation, show that this is not the
case. We have shown that if the distance between source and
destination is fixed, then the total energy consumption in the
WSN increases as we increase the number of hops and reduce the
transmission power for each hop. The difference between our
results and the published literature is due to the fact that we
consider all components of energy consumption and not just the
component related to the radiating power from antennas.
Furthermore, we provide an effective approach to test TPC in
multihop communication at the physical layer.

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