A New And Improved Way Of Addiction Essay

A New And Improved Way Of Addiction Essay

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A New and Improved Way that Could Possibly Help Addicts
This video shows a new procedure that could possibly cure addiction. This video was reviewed from “Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong” by Johann Hari. The three criteria’s which were chosen for this paper would be: how difficult it is to treat an addict, showing new ways to help addicts, and Hari talking about his situation with the addicts in his family. This video did not meet my expectation based on my three criteria’s I had chosen prior to this video. Hari’s speech could help people get a new idea on how to help addicts by showing them different kinds of bonds (a connection), which could possibly help them with their situation.
Although the video “Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong,” talks about a few experiments (the ideas Johann Hari got from) Professor Andrew has attempted while using rats. Andrew said that if experimental rats are isolated in a cage with two different types of water one laced with cocaine, and the other with plain water, the rat will most likely overdose on drugs. When the experimented rat has other objects to do within its cage, as an example: have cheese, other rats to mate with, and tunnels to play around in, that rat will not focus on the drugs as much, and will less likely overdose on drugs. This video is supposed to be talking about how everything about addiction is wrong. But in most of the video Johann talk about how rats overdose on drugs, and how they found a solution to help save the rats. After a while he does talk about humans once again, but, this video should only be about humans. Hari should not try to explain how well an experiment worked in the 70’s over forty years ago, especially since dru...

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...f he has no proof that the theory can actually work. By helping an addict, people can show them the different types of bonds and help them with their addiction.
Helping an addict by showing them different kinds of bonds other than drugs can help the addict’s situation. So this ted video did not meet my three criteria’s due to the fact that Johann Hari did not include any type of proof on how difficult it could be helping and treating an addict. Also, he did not talk about any kind of new ways other than bonding to help addicts. Johann rarely spoke of his family and their situations during the whole video. I was disappointed by this video due to the lack of support for Hari’s theory on how to solve an addict’s problem. All Johann did was talk about his experience and what others had come up with for their theory, and what could be done to help people with addictions.

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